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About TerraCycle

TerraCycle, located in bicycle friendly Portland, Oregon started out in 1996 making recumbents. Their original bikes had fantastic handling, build quality, and attention to detail. However, in order to reach the performance they wanted for a number of the special parts recumbents require, they found that they had to make some parts themselves. After a short period of time, TerraCycle had a name for making high quality recumbent parts and people with other bikes started to ask if they would make parts for their bikes too. Before they knew it, the parts side of the business had completely overrun the bicycle-making side. Since then TerraCycle has focused on developing and improving an ever growing line of parts and accessories.

TerraCycle uses a variety of processes to make their parts. Many things are CNC machined on one of their CNC milling machines. Founder and owner Pat Franz likes the precision of CNC, and the freedom of being able to make nearly any part he can dream up. There is some work done on the lathe, and a good amount of work is done by hand as well. All of the anodizing and laser marking is done locally in Portland. Everything else is done in house. They have some products like the SPORT series idlers that use custom molded plastic parts, which are again, locally made.



We are delighted that the exquisitely made TerraCycle idlers, fairings, mounts are now available in our webshop. As the exclusive European TerraCycle distributor, we will be continuing to expand the TerraCycle products that we carry in order to offer more and more TerraCycle products.

TerraCycle Products

TerraCycle is proud to make all of their own products. Founder Pat Franz believes that you only can expect things to have soul if you are personally involved in them from design to production. At ICLETTA, we see it very much the same way. This may be one of the reasons that our cooperation with TerraCycle has been so successful. Everyone at TerraCycle wants all their parts, even the less expensive ones, to be more than just very good. They want them to be exceptionally satisfying to own and to use and also to have the essence of the people and dreams that made them. We think that you will feel this commitment to excellence from the moment you first hold a TerraCycle-made part, and even more so after years of satisfying use.