We are trading exclusive and authentic recumbent products which are produced from traditional manufacturers in England and the USA. These products are highly convincing due to their well-chosen materials, their excellent processing and last but not least their appealing design.

What we want

We want all recumbent enthusiasts to share our excitement about how satisfying recumbent cycling can be. Whether you are new to recumbents or are a recumbent expert – hence your recumbent dreams come true, we provide you an overwhelming support to find the right trike with all the customization you need, accessories for your trike or simply high quality spare parts to keep your trike running.

Why us

We want to live our passion for the Culture of Cycling. We love what we do and we hope our love for recumbents and trikes will infect you as well.

We like originals - knock offs we leave for someone else to do.

English built ICE Trikes, for example, have been around since 1986 and have been steadily improved ever since. Their evolved design shows in their impeccable handling and attention to detail. In addition to these fine riding machines, we offer custom made components so that we can assemble your personal trike however you request.

We’ve been around the recumbent business for years, and don’t fall for short term fashion trends or inferior quality. We believe in premium products, like TerraCycle idlers. In the U.S. where they are made, they have achieved cult status for good reason. Now you can get these Swiss clockwork precise, very elegant idlers and other high end tuning parts through ICLETTA. Since we have introduced these idlers, demand has grown and we are steadily expanding our range of TerraCycle idler kits and other products.

For us, a happy customer who recommends ICLETTA is our most important goal. Therefore we try to do our best in everything we do. We offer only high quality products, fast and professional service, and are always happy to answer any questions you might have. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

The meaning of ICLETTA

The name ICLETTA is derived originally from the Romanesque. Bicicletta - bicyclette - bicicletta means in a lot of languages simply "two wheels". Even the English leans with "bicycle" at the Latin root word. ICLETTA is a made-up word, keeping all options open for the number of actual wheels.

More information

You can find up to date ICLETTA news, tips as well as reports from visited trade shows on our blog. Of course you are also welcome to visit us on Facebook or YouTube where you can find all news around ICLETTA, our products and the recumbent scene itself.